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About us

Fyberspates is a yarn company who focus on texture and colour. We love strong vibrant hues contrasted with soft metric greys. We believe that texture is important to show off colour and our hand dyes are made specifically not to distract from the fabrics created with our yarns. Our solids range from zingy silk blends in Scrumptious to soft pillowy textures in Cumulus. We create yarn that makes people happy from skein to garment. Fyberspates started as a hand dyed company in the UK in early 2005 when hand dyed yarn was hard to get hold of, browsing the internet and seeing the dreamy colours you could buy in the USA I looked around the internet for UK companies who were doing the same thing, at the time, these were few and far between. Having always loved textiles from an early age, sewing dresses and making shoes from cereal packets and fabric, making clothes has been a passion. As the company grew it became clear very quickly that we would not be able to manufacture yarns in our own back garden on a scale large enough to supply shops as well as our beloved customers and so Scrumptious was born! Scrumptious was our very first commercial yarn and the scrumptious range grew from there, after a while we wanted to go back to our hand dyed roots and produce a yarn range which reflected the delicious colours I loved so much in the yarns I dyed and Vivacious was born! This was the most exciting development in my company, we flew to South America, I spoke no Spanish, and the dyers spoke no English, but we worked together with lots of sign language and I taught them my recipes, and in return they now dye me the most wonderful Vivacious and Gleem ranges. Our latest range is Cumulus, with its soft pillowy clouds of alpaca and silk, this is a slight departure to our shiny and bright yarns, but its complements the range really well. We have always worked with independent designers in our bid to step outside the traditional pattern support, and we are very proud of the patterns we produce, we work closely with tech editors to make sure our patterns are easy to read and understandable. We hope you enjoy knitting our yarns, our aim is to bring a touch of the Indie to our commercial ranges, since thats where we started and where we like to be, always creating something fun and different. Happy Knitting! Jeni x